Happy Families with their Aussiedoodles

Kim D.

She fit right in with our family!

We brought home our sweet F1B puppy from Signature Doodles in May. We instantly fell in love with her sweet, calm personality. She fit right in with our busy family, going to soccer games, baseball games, and the park.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was that she came potty trained! She has had very few accidents and it has made raising her a breeze.

It’s obvious that Alisa puts a lot of love and attention into raising her Aussie Doodle babies. They are socialized and feel comfortable around people and other animals. We knew we’d be happy with our puppy, but our high expectations were exceeded.

Jennifer & Pika

We are so blessed and thankful to be her owners. Can’t imagine our lives without her.

I’m still trying to figure out how we got the best dog in the world? I read all the posts in the Aussidoodle Owners group and hear about every doodle being crazy, defiant, stubborn, etc, and I look at my calm, sweet, smart, loving, loyal Pika who has never ever nipped, bit, growled, (never even chewed anything but her own toys), etc. and wonder if all your puppies are like her??? We are SO blessed and thankful to be her owners. Can’t imagine our lives without her. She is submissive, shy, and so obedient, yet so happy, affectionate intelligent. All she wants in life is to be loved, cuddled and played with.

Michelle and Wrigley

Thank you for Making Potty Training So Easy

I want to thank you for making potty training so easy. I feel all of us had a very positive experience. Yet, I am on an Aussidoodle Facebook group where a lot of people talk about how difficult it has been to potty train. We had like 3 accidents and I felt like they were all our fault.

Sherry & Skye Blu

Alisa’s experience as a breeder far surpasses any other breeder I’ve dealt with in the past!

My journey for a new pup started over two years ago. I searched online and called breeders to talk with them about their business and how to obtain a pup, but never pulled the trigger until I found Signature Doodles. I was very impressed with Signature Doodles after finding their website and called Alisa, the owner and breeder of Aussie Doodles.

After speaking to Alisa for over 30 minutes she filled me in on how the process works and how the mom and puppies are taken care of once they are born. I was, to say the least, delighted by her answer! Alisa sent an email with information and questions for me to fill out. I put a deposit down on a F1 litter we discussed that would arrive in July. I was assured of a refund at any time during the process if something came up or circumstances changed.

Everything about Signature Doodles impressed me from the first conversation to the months leading up to picking up our pup. Photos and or videos were sent weekly to keep me updated on the litter.

Alisa’s experience as a breeder far surpasses any other breeder I’ve dealt with in the past, and there have been a few. Her love, care, and dedication to the mommy and the pups is just amazing!

The day finally came for us to pick out our puppy. Alisa has an organized method that allows those who put down an initial deposit to select their choice of puppy. Through this journey I found the most beautiful awesome pup. She is loving, caring, smart, eager to learn and fills my heart with so much joy! I also found families that keep in touch on Facebook from Skye’s litter and Alisa, the breeder.

My whole experience was AWESOME! Meet my beautiful puppy, Skye Blu!

Rick, Melissa & Puddles

There will be another Signature Doodle in our home sooner rather than later!

Rick and I are empty nesters and we didn’t enjoy the silence in our home, so we decided to get a puppy.

After researching many breeds and breeders we knew the right fit for us was an Aussiedoodle from Signature Doodles. Alisa Lemmon was wonderful to work with during the process and with the many videos on Facebook of how she takes care and trains her puppies we were very confident we chose correctly.

After we had picked our new furry friend Alisa shared many pictures of our Mr Puddles as he grew. Puddles came home at 8 weeks old, socialized with people and dogs, with a great understanding of potty training and was well adapted to normal daily noises inside the house and while playing outside. I feel this is an attribute to the Lemmon’s caring for these puppies as a family unit not a business.

Puddles is a very healthy puppy per our Vet and very smart. He has brought so much laughter, love and noise into our home we couldn’t be happier with our decision, in fact there will be another Signature Doodle in our home sooner rather than later. Puddles is my side kick, he follows me everywhere I go, and he loves to go for rides especially in our topless Jeep where those adventures are normally all day. He has a great personality and adapts to every situation we take him to. His coat is beautiful and his Aussie eye’s will melt your heart.

We are blessed to have Puddles in our family and grateful that Signature Doodle’s puts so much love into breeding such wonderful puppies.

The Rhyne Family

Our experience was better than we could have imagined.

We found Signature Doodles in January of 2020 and Alisa communicated with us on potential litters, a confirmed litter, and throughout the pregnancy. We have another pup from a different breeder and this experience was entirely different, in all of the best ways. Alisa sent us pictures and kept us updated on the puppies. The home the puppies are born and raised in is a clean, family home and they all are clearly so devoted to the puppies. Signature doodles begins potty training and it has shown so much in our sweet Biscuit girl. She has hardly had any accidents in our house and that’s a direct reflection on how great of care and attention the puppies receive while they are still with Alisa.

Now, about our Biscuit girl. She is the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen. Her coat is beautiful and we get compliments on her everywhere. She has fit in wonderfully with our family and other dog and cat. She is playful and loving and we just couldn’t ask for anything more.

We simply cannot say enough great things about Alisa & Bre with Signature Doodles. Our experience was better than we could have imagined.

Lori M

I can’t say enough about Signature Doodles. Such a wonderful experience!

When researching and looking for our first dog, I found Alisa and her Aussiedoodles at Signature Doodles. Oh My Goodness! We were so impressed! First of all, Alisa is the sweetest and so loving to each of her pups. I could tell from the moment we met that her dogs were well cared for, healthy, and so loved. Her facilities (aka her home) were comforting, tidy and clean. From my first inquiry until present day, Alisa is a trusted advisor I can go to with any dog question. Not only is Alisa wonderful, our Harley dog is AMAZING! She is almost 2 years old and a joy to our family. She has brought our family of teenage girls together more than I ever imagined. With the Australian Shepard and Poodle breeds, Harley is so smart and talented. Whether it’s using the bell to go outside or balancing a bone on her nose, she is eager to learn. She loves to play and is a great running buddy with plenty of energy. I can’t say enough about Signature Doodles. Such a wonderful experience!

Taylor & Brock

The Lemmons invest in their puppies and truly care about their pups

Brock and I own two beautiful Aussiedoodles, Winston (2) and Oliver (1). Both of our boys were born to Rayna through Signature Aussiedoodles. The Lemmons raised our boys in their home until ready to come to their fur-ever home! Winston and Oliver were both started on kennel and potty training prior to coming home with us, which was super helpful. They both love to play and go on car rides and are the most LOVEABLE pups, always want to cuddle and get all the lovins’. They are both eager to learn and are so great around kids. The Lemmons invest in their puppies and truly care about their pups even after they go to their new homes. They are always checking in on the boys and answer any questions we have. I highly recommend going through Signature Aussiedoodles if interested in becoming puppy parents!

Brenda S.

Our experience with Alisa Lemmon and Signature Aussiedoodles has been amazing.

We have had our Aussiedoodle for one year. We have had other breeds of dogs, but he is the friendliest, most loving dog ever! So smart; and so loyal. Our experience with Alisa Lemmon and Signature Aussiedoodles has been amazing. They are very knowledgeable about their breeds, the puppies are raised in a wonderful, loving environment. They are always available to answer any questions we have. It has been a great experience!! We enjoy our Aussiedoodle so much that another family member got one from the last litter. We just can’t say enough about Rizzo! We would be lost without him!! especially since our children are away at college. He is our child!

Kristin C.

We couldn’t be happier or more in love.

We did SO much research on breeds and dogs and then saw a video you sent of “Bryant”. We instantly fell in love and knew he was meant to be part of our family. In the last almost 10 months, he has brought so much joy and love to all of us and we can’t imagine our lives without him.

Thank you… thank you. You were absolutely wonderful as we were making the decision to adopt our 4-legged baby and we couldn’t be happier or more in love.

The Fox Family

Proud to be part of the Signature family!

Thank you for all the love and care you and your family put into your puppies; it really shows! We would highly recommend Signature Doodles to friends and family looking to add the perfect pup to their family. Chobee is a big bunch of love, and sunshine. She is so smart, and such a pleaser. Everyone is her best friend, as she is very affectionate. Everywhere we go people comment on her beauty and sweetness. So happy you chose us for Chobee, life will never be the same. Proud to be part of the Signature family!


An Easy & Comfortable Transition from Kennel to Forever Home

This guy is my day-to-day life partner. You are very organized and make the transition from your kennel to their forever home easy and comfortable. You put a lot of love and care into your pups. They are always available for questions before and once you have your pup home.

The alfalfa pellets in the litter box as puppies is genius. It makes the transition for potty training much easier when they smell the grass outside. Big plus!!

Sheila M.

I look forward to working with Signature Doodles again

There are not words to describe how much we love our Judith. She is a perfect fit for our family, and has been the easiest puppy to train. She is intelligent, beautiful, fun, plays well with our daughter, other dogs, and kitty. I had planned to wait until summer to adopt a pup, but I was intrigued by the Christmas-time litter from Signature Doodles. I watched the updates of this litter on Facebook, and asked questions of the breeder. She was open and helpful. On Christmas day, I decided I couldn’t wait until summer, and I was offered the opportunity to come visit the pups. I had been unsure if this was the breed I wanted (as I had it narrowed down to two breeds). I was impressed that this breeder allowed us to interrupt her Christmas to visit. I immediately fell in love, and although I hadn’t planned on leaving with a puppy, we couldn’t tear ourselves away from this little girl. I look forward to working with Signature Doodles again in the future to bring home a little boy. I don’t think I could adopt from anyone else at this point. I am genuinely satisfied with our experience. Oh, and I LOVE seeing Judith’s brothers and sisters grow up via the Signature Doodles Family Facebook group.

Jason F.

Alisa raised a wonderful puppy for us in a very loving environment.

We knew after doing some research that an Aussiedoodle would be the perfect dog for our family…smart, family friendly, minimal shedding, energetic and one that could go everywhere with us. Next we had to find a breeder that met our expectations…. a breeding pair that are family dogs, puppies raised in a home alongside the breeder, DNA testing, and a responsible breeding program that focuses on one or two litters at a time.

We found all of that and more with Signature Doodles! Alisa raised a wonderful puppy for us in a very loving environment. Her communication was excellent and we received regular updates and pictures prior to being able to bring our pup home. I had a ton of questions for her throughout the process and she was very responsive and helpful. Alisa got a head start on potty and crate training with our new puppy and the transition to her new home has gone very smoothly. We’ve already decided to get a second dog in about a year and there’s no doubt that we will be getting it from Signature Doodles.

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