Meet Raleigh and Charlotte

Raleigh and Charlotte are fun loving travelers.

Our doodle journey began 2+ years ago when we brought home Raleigh. She was a warm welcome to our house, which included a 14-year-old Shih-Tzu at the time. Despite their difference in size and energy levels, Raleigh always liked to be near her sister. She is such a docile and sweet dog! She still channels her inner puppy when she sees a stray sock around.

This past summer we decided to add another doodle to our family, somewhat spontaneously. Charlotte joined Raleigh as co-doodle and LOVES her sister! She is very energetic and so smart. She always needs to be near Raleigh (or on her) and has the good fortune to live down the street from her brother. Needless to say, our doodles rule the roost! They love to go for walks, play with each other and have many naps during the day. They always need to be near their humans and have become good little travelers for road trips. They are true siblings, in that they frequently want to play with the same toy or bone, when we have a basket full of other options.

We love our doodles and they are a constant source of fun and activity!

– Melissa G

Charlotte as a puppy.

Raleigh as a puppy.

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