First Things To Do When You Get Your New Puppy

Our tried and true tips for introducing your new puppy to your household.

1. Get your puppy on a feeding and drinking schedule ASAP

We recommend feeding three times a day. Make sure to remove water from your dog at 7:00 pm so that your puppy will have a better chance of not needing to go out in the night.

2. Purchase a small crate with a latching door.

This crate will be used to confine the puppy when you cannot monitor them.

3. Buy a bag of small dog treats, or you can use small pieces of chicken.

The treats should be no bigger than a dime.

4. Have plenty of Dog Urine and Stain removing liquid on hand.

I recommend Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover, 32-Ounce Pour Bottle.

5.Make sure you have a 6ft – 10ft leash and collar.

6. Decide on a command for the puppy to go potty.

We like the phrase “Go Potty.” The command will reinforce the words with the act, and pretty soon your dog will be going potty on command.

7. Use lots of praise and repeat the command.

For example “Good Puppy, Go Potty” and give affection or a treat. Say your “potty” command over and over until they go potty and then, once they do, give them a small party with lots of praise.

8. If you decide to use treats, then just one per potty and only use them for the first week or so and then remove the food reward.

This is not something you want to continue to do every time they go potty outside for life.

9. When you cannot have all eyes on your puppy in the house, they need to be put back in their enclosure or crate until they’re housebroken.

Crate training is important. It’s much harder to train a puppy not to go potty on the carpet once they’ve done it a few times.