Signature Doodles
is Located in Central Illinois

We live in a rural area with plenty of land for our dogs to roam and play. Our goal is to raise healthy and well-adjusted puppies that families can adopt and enjoy for a long time. We are dedicated to raising standard size Aussiedoodles and Australian Mountain Doodles with amazing temperaments and dispositions.


Every Puppy Is Raised In Our Home

At Signature Doodles, we raise every puppy in our home, right under our feet. We have no kennels or outbuildings. Our mom and dad dogs are our loved pets and are a part of our family.

When it’s time for the puppies to arrive, we set up the puppy nursery in our home so that we can socialize and interact with them daily. We use My Loyal Hound to ensure that our puppies have the best possible start to life. We litter box train our puppies as soon as they are mobile to ensure that potty training for their new owners is easy. Once the puppies’ eyes and ears open we expose them to all sorts of sights and sounds that we see and hear every day to ensure your puppy is confident in any given situation.


Ensuring Our Puppies Have the Best Possible Start to Life

We work diligently in providing each puppy we bring into this world with the fundamental basics for the best possible start in life. The puppies are kept in the middle of our home so that they are exposed to as many noises and things as possible.

As soon as the puppies are ready we take them outside daily to enjoy the outdoors for more new experiences.

The puppies are started on crate training when they are five weeks old so they have a jump start making the transition easier for their new family.

Signature Doodles is
Family Owned & Operated

We are a family team who share the same passion and love for our dogs! We each have only a few breeding dogs living with us in our homes. Every breeding dog is a part of our family and unlike most, we don’t give away our dogs once they have produced a certain number of litters for us. Our Guardian Home Program makes all of this possible!

Lifetime of Support

Signature Doodles offers a support system for your dog for life. If there is a training challenge or health concern, WE WANT TO HELP! Sometimes we may be able to offer a suggestion that could save you stress and money. We do not want our dogs to ever end up in a shelter. If life happens and there is a reason you can no longer keep your puppy we will assist you in finding a new home. We are dedicated to our puppies long after they have left our care. As breeders we will always be there for our new puppy parents to answer any and all questions they may have for a lifetime of breeder support!

Our Doodle Story

Why did we start breeding Aussiedoodles?

We have always been a family of animal lovers. Animals have always been a part of our lives. Whether it was raising dogs or showing and raising horses we have always had animals as the center of our life.

As a family, we take pride in our mission to raise happy and healthy Aussiedoodles for families to enjoy. Our goal is to provide a loving and nurturing environment for these intelligent and loyal dogs to thrive in. We believe that through careful breeding and socialization, we can produce puppies that are well-rounded and adaptable to a variety of homes and lifestyles.

We are passionate about our commitment to responsible breeding practices, which includes genetic testing and health screenings for all of our breeding dogs. Our team of experienced breeders and trainers work tirelessly to ensure that each puppy receives the individual attention and care needed to develop into a confident and well-behaved companion.

We also strive to educate our families on the unique needs and characteristics of the Aussiedoodle breed, so that they can provide the best possible care for their new family member. We encourage open communication and collaboration with our families throughout the adoption process and beyond, to ensure that each puppy finds their perfect forever home.

Why do we raise Australian Mountain Doodles?

First and foremost, Australian Mountain Doodles are known for their friendly and affectionate personalities. They are highly intelligent and make great family pets due to their gentle nature. Another reason why we love this breed is their hypo-allergenic coat, making them an ideal pet for those with allergies.

When it comes to raising Australian Mountain Doodles, it is important to provide them with regular exercise and socialization. They thrive in an active household and enjoy spending time outdoors. At the same time, they also love to cuddle up with their owners on the couch and be part of the family.

As a breeder, we take pride in our commitment to producing healthy and well-tempered puppies. We ensure that our puppies receive proper veterinary care, socialization, and training from a young age. We also offer support and guidance to our clients to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to raise a happy and healthy Australian Mountain Doodle.

With all of our breeds our breeding dogs must qualify for our program, a dog has to be one that we enjoy living with. Conformation, temperament, and good health is also very important. Our sires and dams are checked for genetic health issues (hips, elbows, eyes, MDR-1, and more) and certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. We do everything possible to make sure that you are getting a healthy Aussiedoodle puppy for many years to come.